Good Morning!

It is so beautiful outside. I have some updates on a bunch of random things going on! First off I have been trying so many great recipes lately and I am loving them! I can’t wait to share them with you!

This picture doesn’t do the meal justice. This is low-fat Greek yogurt chicken with sweet potatoes and green beans. The recipe will be on the blog soon! So easy and yummy!

My tailbone is not broken! Such praise!!!! It is however bruised but recovery is going well! I did a two-mile run yesterday just to see where I was at. It was very uncomfortable but it wasn’t painful like before. I think Monday I will be able to start training hard again (i hope). Not being able to run has really made me want to train really hard and get better! I am so excited about that!

Grad school starts in a few weeks. What a big commitment!

Carlie is getting real big! She has been learning a lot- a very smart dog! Now that Brian is gone at work I am responsible for taking her out in the mornings and it is the sweetest thing! She is so excited to see me… it makes me feel so loved! Getting a dog was the best decision ever!

My upcoming races are decided for the most part!!!

1.)Sept 29:  North Face Endurance Challenge-10K

2.)Oct 6:  Allstate Atlanta 13.1

3.) Nov 9: Soldier Marathon 

Lots to look forward too!

And the rest of my wedding pictures came in so keep an eye out for a wedding post soon!

Such a powerful moment!