Today’s Workout:

4 miles/ easy pace


  • 25×4 flutter kicks (x3)
  • 25×2 bicycle crunches (x3)
  • 50 straight leg crunches
  • 50 crunches bent leg (feet on the floor)
  • 50 crunches (feet in the air)
  • 5o Side crunches ( each side)

When I am not sure what I want to do for a workout or I have no motivation to get out there and go I usually youtube inspiration videos or read a running blog….

Today I read this article from Runner’s World and I was ready to go! I already accomplished number 1 on the list- I am pumped!

Some of my favorites from the article: 

12. EVERY MILE YOU RUN burns roughly 100 calories. Think of that next six-miler as two slices of pizza.

26. HAVE A DAILY GOAL. Scott Jurek, seven-time champion of The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, sets goals not just for big races but also for workouts. “Maybe it is a technique goal, maybe a pace goal, maybe a goal of running faster at the end,” he says.

33) RUNNING COMMENTARY ”A lot of people run a race to see who’s fastest. I run to see who has the most guts.” –Steve Prefontaine

36. IT’S SPRING! Why are you even reading this? You should be motivated just by the fact that you’re not forced to run on a treadmill.

50. TURN THINGS AROUND. ”A poor performance is a strong motivator for me,” says elite marathoner Clint Verran. “I can’t wait to prove to myself that I’m a better runner than my last showing.” Verran also says negative comments from his coaches fire him up. “For me, proving somebody wrong is key.”

56. RUN FOR A REASON. Do a race for charity. Helping kids with diabetes or women with breast cancer makes it much easier to get out the door.

72. THINK YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO RUN? You can probably make a list longer than this one of things you’re wasting time on today. Cut one of them out and get the run in.

87. RUNNING COMMENTARY ”If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough.” –Steve Jones, former marathon world record holder

Things to look forward to today:

I am babysitting my nieces which automatically means I get to eat dinner for free at my brother’s house! My sister-in-law sent me this picture to get me motivated

es- this is zucchini lasagna! YUM. Don’t worry i’ll get the recipe!

Also- I have long distance pre-marital counseling tonight! 3 way skype counseling is awesome!

I have been working on the music for the wedding and there are two songs that I absolutely love today that MUST be part of my wedding/reception in some way.

Feel Again- One Republic

You and Me- Dave Matthews

How do you motivate yourself?

YAY or NAY to those two song choices?!