I cannot believe that April is over. It FLEW by! I think it was a very eventful month for me:

A one week sugar detox

I ran two half-marathons

Had my first bridal shower

spent a weekend with Brian

spent a lot of time with my brothers family

Brian and I signed the lease for our apartment!

packed up my apartment for my move which is SATURDAY! 

and participated in an organization challenge! 

Melissa hosted this awesome Organization Challenge for the month of April. I set some goals for the challenge and worked toward them all month. I moved a lot slower than planned with the challenge but I still got a lot done. It gave me the extra push I needed towards productivity!

Here are the goals I set: 

1.) Researching and gathering all of the military/ grad school paperwork Brian and I will need and figuring out all of the locations we will have to go to in order to get things moving along ( confusing I know)

2.) Make folders for the above and organize my desktop

3.) Start packing up my apartment and put things in labeled boxes for the move

4.) Get a blogging schedule and work to become more consistent in my blogging

5.) Work through finishing the wedding decorations/planning in a organized and fun way!

How it went:

1.) I researched a lot of information for what I needed do for in processing as a military spouse. It is going to be such a long process but I am so glad that I know what we have to do so that we can start now. Brian was so helpful with all of this. He spent hours on the phone talking to different people and organizing all of the details for the different events we will have to go through. I am feeling very good about our move, military paperwork, and all that great stuff! As for grad school- that didn’t get as much attention as I had hoped. I think that will have to wait until after the wedding.

2.) I organized my desktop and put all of my documents into folders accordingly! SO happy about this.

3.) Packing is almost done! I haven’t finished all of the clothes yet ( just the sweatshirts)  but that is next on my list.

4.) I feel like I have been WAY more consistent in blogging. I cleaned up my page a little bit and started using the editorial calendar. It was kind of confusing at first but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. There is still so much that I want to do with my blog but I just haven’t found the time yet.

5.) WEDDING PLANNING is almost done! If you read this post it seems like it was never-ending! I feel like we have come a long way with it. Left on the list for the wedding:

-print off reception picture
-create a picture list
-name cards
-seating chart
-finalize music

Can you believe that?! I am getting married in ONE MONTH! This challenge definitely made be buckle down with all of the things I have been putting off. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted and  I didn’t take as many pictures of it all but definitely got a lot done! Thank you Melissa for hosting such a great challenge!

How was the month of April for you?!

Are you naturally an organized person?