Today’s Workout:

Ran Outside: 5 miles/ easy pace

It is such a beautiful day! I went out for a run this morning just to loosen up my legs a little bit because tomorrow I am planning on running 15 miles. I am SO nervous about tomorrow’s run because 15 miles will be my PDR if I make it! I have confidence that I can make the distance I just get nervous when I set out to do something new! I am planning on just running at a long run pace then run the last two miles at half marathon pace. I was supposed to do this run today but I really wanted to wear heels to my bridal shower and I knew that probably would not have been possible if I ran.

Last night one of my good friends and bridesmaid and I drove back to Va Beach for my first BRIDAL SHOWER! My brother and his family drove down as well! I have a new favorite drink from Starbucks – The Cool Lime Refresher! SO GOOD!

Yesterday was my brothers birthday so naturally we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese’s! I guess that is what happens when you have kids… I was surprised at how small it was- I remember it being SO MUCH better when I was a kid.

I would have tried on that baby carrier type thing but I think I would have fallen over. I think I need to build up some strength before I decide to have children….

I think my sister had more fun there than my nieces did… young at heart

I didn’t make her cry…. but I love that as an aunt  I can give her back to her mom when she starts screaming- and that is exactly what  I did right after this picture. I love my girls though- they are the sweetest.

This is a super busy weekend- it is teaching me a lot about how to manage my time with family, friends, work, and blogging. I am usually pretty good and getting posts up during the week but on the weekends  I always struggle with managing my time accordingly. I have so much to learn!

I am getting ready to leave for the bridal shower soon! I didn’t think I would be so excited/nervous but I am!!!!


Who had a long run this weekend? How did it go?