I leave for D.C. today for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! I am so excited!!! 

I never blogged about my trip to the Amazon River last year ( because I didn’t have a blog). I wanted to share with you all about my mission trip to the Amazon River last May and the awesome experience I had!!

Last September I went to a missions meeting to hear about all of the trips that were coming up and about all of the past experiences that everyone had on different mission trips around the world. It was so intriguing to hear about and see all of God’s people coming together to share the gospel. I new I wanted to go. I filled out the application that day and turned it in. I got called back for an interview and was so excited! I didn’t really tell anyone because of the fear of not getting chosen. Looking back I realize how dumb that was- if the Lord wanted me on that trip he would send me.

Well- turns out he wanted me on that trip! I called Brian and told him that  I was going to spend 11 days on a boat going up and down the Amazon River on a medical missions trip. It was really sudden. I was so excited. Now I had to raise the money!

Raising support for this trip was the hardest part of it all. I was really worried that I wouldn’t gain the support in time  but this showed me the Lords faithfulness more than anything. It took me completely surrendering and relying on the Lord for the support. He came through! I never really understood what it meant to fully rely on the Lord until I started raising support. It is such an incredible thing to trust.

I learned so much about myself and my faith on this trip. My team was so awesome! We all got really close- probably because we were sleeping on hammocks right next to each other for 11 days.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip:

Next week I will go into detail about what we did on this trip and what the Lord taught me. I know that this would be an extremely LONG post if I did it all at once!