Today’s Workout:

At the track:

  • Warm up 1 mile easy
  • followed by 4 x 2K’s with a 3 minute jog between each
  • Cool down 1/2 mile easy.

Total of 6.50 miles.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be at the track!

This was a tough workout. My legs felt like cement. I kept trying to push them to go faster  but it just wasn’t working! It was extremely frustrating. My coach ran the last 2k with me and paced me for it- I just wanted to scream at him ‘SLOW DOWN’ but I figured i’d keep that to myself. I am thankful that he pushed me harder though- I definitely needed it. After the first 2 repeats I was mentally defeated. I felt like there was not getting out of this slump my legs were in. Once my coach said he was running the last one with me I was thinking o crap…. this is not going to be pretty. It wasn’t that bad though, I ran my fastest time out of the 4 and I was able to break through the mental block I was having today. It was tough but it was rewarding.

This jacket definitely came off after the first 2k!

Switching gears a little bit. Most of you know that Brian and I live about 8 hours apart so we have been doing long distance for a few years. I talked about some different tips in this post if you want to catch up! Well…I received a letter from Brian today! This isn’t just any letter either… he went above and beyond to make me feel loved… and it worked. I was expecting a normal letter (which I absolutely love by the way) but it was different. By the way- here is a little bit of my collection of letters from Brian over the years:

These are the best gifts I could receive. They are so full of truth and love!

Anyways back to what I was saying- when I opened today’s letter it was full of a bunch of small notes. I was really confused. I read the big letter and he explained it all. He said that he had written me a different note for me to read for every day for the rest of the time we are apart. I love this! I am pretty sure I fell in love all over again. It is the little things like this that help us embrace the distance! 

Don’t worry- I will read every single one to you all. ( just kidding)!!!!!

…and… a random engagement photo because I love them!

Update on the challenges:

Today is day two of the Sugar Detox Challenge. I’m feeling strong and confident but my coffee is not the same… I don’t understand how people enjoy their coffee black. I’m working through this though! I feel healthier just because I am being very aware of what I eat…I actually really like this!

The Organization is going great!  I have been working on getting my planner straight so that I can really kick things in gear. Everything is coming along and it is only day 2!!

How do you take your coffee?