Today’s Workout:

5 miles and 8x hill sprints

I gave in and did a Gym Jones workout with my husband the other day. I was a little hesitant because I have never really enjoyed doing strength training but this was actually a lot of fun! I loved having my husband there to coach me and teach me along the way. I think that I am going to start incorporating two strength training workouts a week.

Here is the workout that we did: 

2×5 wall squats
2×10 squats
2×5 goblet squats
2x20M Lunge
2x20M OH Lunge
3×10 Shoulder dislocate
2x (30 sec. work 30 sec rest.) push press @ 2×15# DB
(rest is in OH position)
Work up to heavy OHS
6×2 OHS @ 85-90%
Then: 3 rounds of
10x deadlist @ 115%BW
25x box jump @ 24″ box
-Cool down

I woke up extremely sore the next morning… but it was a good feeling for sure!

Another first this week was for Carlie! SHE HAD A PUPPY PLAY DATE!

Our good friends also have a german shepherd puppy- they came over to play the other day! At first, they were a little timid but they warmed up to each other. I’ll have to admit- their playing looks scary…  Carlie is two months older than Nana so it wasn’t really that fair of a play date. We learned that Carlie is a very selfish little puppy!

Lots of stuff going on but it has been a blast!