The Paleo Diet for Athletes 

The Paleo way of eating is based on:

 -garden vegetables (especially greens)


– lean meats

-nuts and seeds

– little starch

– little sugar

I think the Paleo Diet is great and beneficial but I always like to do research on things I am interested in doing just for the knowledge. I try to eat this way during the week but I have not yet converted over completely to Paleo. I am a big advocate for the 80/20 rule ( trying to eat very healthy 80% of the time but giving myself room to enjoy the not so healthy stuff 20% of the time). I have a great friend that is full-on Paleo and she LOVES it! I have learned a lot from her about this lifestyle! I will continue to post updates on the book as I read through it! 

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Pre- Exercise Eating

As runners, we spend months preparing for a big race through our training but not always with what we are eating. It is hard for us to realize that our athletic performance can be enhanced by the foods eaten before a demanding race or training session. Here is a brief overview of some pre exercise eating tips.

1.) Consume 200 to 300 calories per hour prior to exercise – They recommend eating no less than 2 hours before the race or workout when possible. Your body size and experience should help you narrow the amount of time that works best for you

2.) Take in mostly carbohydrates – After a full night of sleep, your body’s stores of glycogen are reduced. The most proficient way to restore this vital fuel is by eating carbs. Fruit is a good choice because its sugar, fructose, is slow to digest, lowering the glycemic index.

3.) Keep the meal low in fiber – Fiber in some meals, such as whole-grain cereals for example, is so dense that could just sit in your gut for several hours, soaking up fluids and swelling.

4.) Include protein, especially the branched-chain amino acids-  The intake of essential amino acids taken before strenuous exercise improves endurance performance and stimulates protein synthesis after exercise which means better,faster recovery!

5.) Drink to satisfy thirst -Research has shown that consuming adequate fluids relative to thirst reduces protein breakdown during exercise.

Here are a few recommendations for pre exercise meal choices: 

Fruit with eggs: full of protein and easily digested by most people . Fruit that is low in protein like bananas, peaches, honeydew, cantaloupe. Try to avoid apples, berries, grapes, and mangos before exercising because they are full of fiber.

Applesauce mixed with protein powder: Look for unsweetened applesauce ( it’s low in fiber). You can add whey protein.

Liquid meals: If you have a nervous stomach, try blending foods like low fiber fruit with fruit juice and whey protein.

Sports bar with protein: The least attractive option, but it works.