As I continue training for my first marathon I am feeling aches and pains in the most random parts of my body. Usually, I would just stop running if  I felt aching somewhere but lately I have been learning to run through the aches because I know that it is better to get them out now than on race day. I have also had many small victories in my training with different speed workouts, long runs, and just confidence in general. I know that when I miss a day of training I feel off but I just get right back into it and I also know that in the end, it is just a race- it does not define me.

There are times when I find myself thinking that my running abilities are an example of who I am but this is not true at all. I think if  I could just run a little bit faster or if I could endure more mileage without getting tired then I will feel great about myself. But don’t we all do that in some areas of our life? It is hard to be content where we are and to be thankful for the amazing gifts that God has given us. Being able to run is a gift in itself!

I am learning through this training how running for me, in some ways, relates to my faith in Jesus. I feel aches and pains along the way and I want to just give up but I know that the testing of our faith produces perseverance and that is exactly what I need. I can’t give up in the hard times when my husband is away for work or when I feel like I am to busy to get the laundry done- I just need to give it to Jesus, knowing that He is ALWAYS faithful. Yes, it is hard to do sometimes but the peace that comes with knowing that Jesus is in control and i’m not is so calming. Just like missing a day of training- I sometimes miss out on spending time alone with Jesus. I feel off that day but I know that it isn’t the end, I can sit down right where  I am and just be still with the Lord as opposed to sitting there complaining about how I didn’t find time to be with Jesus. Finding my true identity in Christ by trusting fully in him is where my fulfillment  should comes from- not in whether I can run a marathon or complete a speed work out.

This was something that was just on my heart this morning so I felt like I should share!

On a different note-

Carlie is getting so big!!! and… my parents came to visit last week!!!

A few random pictures. Sorry- I didn’t take many pictures of the family visit but I did see some awesome hot air balloons!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!