Happy Wednesday! 

Today’s Workout:

5 miles at HM pace

8x hill repeats

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my workouts and why I do what I do. I love running and I love working out- it is just something I have always done and it just seems so natural. But I have been thinking about 1 Corinthians 10:31 which says “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

To me, that means that my workouts are not for myself- that I should be doing ALL things for the glory of God. Sometimes this is more difficult than it sounds because we are human and we naturally think of ourselves first.

But here are a few ways that we can glorify God in our workouts:

1.)BE THANKFUL. Thankful that you have legs that can walk and  run, and arms that can lift weights, a body that can swim, lungs that work and heart that beats. So often we forget that all these things are a gift from God- don’t take that for granted but instead use them to further His Kingdom!

2.) MOTIVES. Why do you workout? Is it to look good in your clothes or to eat whatever you want ( sometimes that’s where I find my motives)- these aren’t necessarily bad things but they start to become idols and shift your focus away from God and more on yourself and worldly things. Working out for ones health and  having a desire to be at peak performance mentally and physically to do the Lords work brings glory to God.  Being rightly motivated in the way you workout brings glory to God.

3.) PRAYER. I try to spend time in prayer and meditation with the Lord when I am running. It shifts my focus away from the selfish desires away from pleasing myself and helps me to focus on Jesus.

4.) BE LOVING. I know it sounds a little strange- how can we be loving while we are working out? Paying attention to what you wear to the gym can be loving to those around you because you never know what could cause another person to stumble. Workout in a way that shows others that you aren’t working out for vanity but as an attempt to honor the Lord.

5.) BE WILLING TO SHARE THE GOSPEL. Go into your workouts with an open mind and prepared to talk to someone about Jesus if the opportunity arises. Turn it into a ministry! A lot of times I go into my workouts completely focused on me and what I need to get accomplished and I miss so many great opportunities to share my faith with the person next to me.

I will be the first to say that this is hard and it is intimidating at times-but I know that we are to glorify God in all that we do so it is important that we put our faith in Jesus Christ and continually give thanks for what we have!

8 hours until I get to see this guy! So thankful and excited!

How do you glorify God in your workouts?

Do you re- wear dresses after you have a thousand pictures in them?