Today’s Workout:

Ran Outside: 6 miles

Foam rolled like CRAZY! 

I have been feeling a little bit guilty lately because all I have been doing is running. I canceled my gym membership because I am moving so my strength and ab workouts have been suffering. I realized this earlier this week so I decided to do a lung/squat workout… good idea but a bad idea. My legs are still sore today hence the foam rolling all day. I do a lot better with strength/core workouts when I have a gym ( i know, I know- lame excuse). It just doesn’t seem the same at home. I have more motivation when everyone around me is working out. I definitely need to change this mindset because in the next 2-3 months I won’t have a gym and I feel like my running ability is going to be stagnant if I don’t start incorporating different workouts into my routine. Anyone else has this problem… or is it just me?

I am working on putting together my wardrobe for the next months because most of my stuff will be put into boxes. Here’s the deal- I won’t really have access to a lot of my stuff because it is going to be boxed up until the middle of June. Brian and I are moving to Georgia for like 8-10 months but not until AFTER the wedding and honeymoon. Therefore, I will be without a lot of my stuff for about 2 months-ish. I have been working on getting together the stuff that I know I will wear a lot and shopping for a few more things…(shhh don’t tell Bri)!! :)

I have FINALLY found a maxi dress that isn’t SUPER long on me! I might be able to get away with wearing this with flats but most likely I will wear wedges. This is perfect for the wedding week/ honeymoon. TJMaxx knows whats up.

My sister- in-law gave me a pair of J Crew strappy sandals that didn’t fit her. Such a GREAT gift because I never buy sandals- I always go straight for the high heels. Its a problem…

Lastly… the hardest part. Choosing what shoes to boxing up and which ones to take. I can DEFINITELY wear these heels to a West Point grad week event of some sort… decision, decisions… I hate packing.

I went to Target today to buy some boxes to pack things up and they were like $15 dollars… needless to say, I left empty-handed… I might have to find some cardboard boxes I just don’t know if it will be sturdy enough. I guess as the years go by I will get better at this whole moving thing. Brian’s mom says it comes with time being in the military. So many changes coming!