This past Monday I started training for the Savannah Rock n’ Roll Marathon. This is significant because it is my FIRST marathon. I have so many different emotions when I think about this training. It is full of excitement, a little bit of fear of the unknown, determination, motivation, and joy!

Training this week was very low-key and low mileage to get me back into it.

Monday: Ran 4 miles  and stride outs outside. This was my first run in the Georgia humidity- it was full of sweat

Tuesday: Ran 5 miles on TM

Wednesday: Ran 4 miles and stride outs 

Thursday: 1 mile warm up run/ 40 minutes spinning/ Ab circuit

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 6 miles/ trail outside

Sunday: 3 miles/ Ab circuit

The week felt great overall. Nothing was hurting and my legs were moving well. The heat was the only thing that kind of threw me off but that just takes time. I also got the Brooks Pure Flow 2 running shoes last week and have been running in them frequently. I like them a lot better than the Brooks Pure Cadence shoes because there is less arch support in the Flows. I think it is just a preference really.

Another perk from this past week: The gym on post is AWESOME! My husband has a new playground and I have a new place to do pretty much any type of workout!

Overall I am extremely excited about this training. My goal for this training is to mainly give it all that I have. I don’t want to finish this race thinking and wishing that I should have trained harder!

Anyone else training for a race right now?

Any advice on training for my first marathon?