I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Marathon training is definitely picking up and  I am LOVING it! I have found some great people to train with that push me to be better. It is extremely encouraging!

This past week’s training consisted of:

Monday: 6 miles and 10x 18 sec. hill sprints

Tuesday: 2 mile w/u , 6×800′s , 1 mile c/d

Wednesday: 7.63 mile run with an awesome running group!

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 12 mile long slow run with a group

Saturday: 4 miles on the TM and a core workout led by my awesome husband

Sunday: 8 mile morning run with my husband

The only thing that really bothered me this week was a little soreness after my 12 miler but other than that everything felt great. I still need to add some strength into the mix… soon to come.

This next week looks about the same just more mileage.

Carlie has a new boyfriend… he is a little bit younger so she has to wait for him to grow up a little bit more!

We have such a sweet little family- I love that we all have puppies and live right next to each other!

Brian and I worked this midnight 5k for my job last night. It was PACKED and so much fun!

This is before I knew that I would be wearing an orange suit all night…. oh the things I do…

Yeah, I am the short one…. somehow Brian got out of wearing the orange suit. Instead, he just guided me around because I couldn’t see. My manager is in the suit next to me!

That’s just a little update on my life! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

What are you training for right now?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve dressed up as?