Today’s Workout: 

Warm up: 1 mile


40x air squat
100x Push-up
40x air squat
100x V-sit Kick Out
40x air squat
100x mountain climbers
40x air squat

Elliptical/20 min

I made it by one inch!

Today’s workout was hard and tiring! I feel like I have been in a rut with running for the past week. I’ve just been so tired!

I feel like I have been learning a lot about myself as a runner lately. What works for me, my favorite distance, how far I can push myself, what pain feels like, how to breath, running with and without music, etc. Seriously- it is crazy how much i’ve been learning! There has been a lot of good and a lot of bad but I am always learning from it. Lately I have been so busy that I think my running has kind of suffered but i’m hoping I can get back on track this week. I thought it would be interesting to voice what I struggle with as a runner because it is definitely not rainbows and butterflies all of the time.

My Struggles:

1.) Doubt. I doubt my body at times as well as my mind. Not necessarily only in races but in training as well. I am learning that I can do way more than I think I can if I push my doubt out of the way.

2.) Comparison. I feel like comparing myself to other runners has been a such a struggle because my competitive side comes out. I find myself comparing my race times and even training runs, the way I cross-train, etc. with other runners over the years and I have found that it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing- I run because I enjoy it and because I want to improve in my running. Everyone is different- it shouldn’t be about comparing myself to others but rather encouraging others and learning from their experiences!

3.) The mental aspect. It is amazing how some days my mentality in running is extremely strong and the run goes great and other days I feel like the moment I walk out the door I am defeated. I have been learning more and more with each run how important it is to not only physically train but mentally train as well. They seem to go hand in hand for me.

4.) Race day preparation. I think I am starting to learn what works best for me but there are a few things that I still need to experiment with. I haven’t done much with fueling during the run- I actually never eat anything or drink anything when racing but I think that I am going to work on that this summer.

5.) Pushing myself. I feel like I haven’t pushed myself to the limit yet. I think that  I finish races and still have a lot of fuel in the tank. I’m not sure if this is because I feel like I need to save some for the finish or fear running out of energy but I know that I need to work on pushing myself harder and giving it all i’ve got.

I think that every runner has there own set of struggles and can always learn something out of each one. I have learned so much about myself from these struggles and it gives me something to work towards. I am excited to see what else running will teach me along the way!

Do you struggle with any of these?!