Random Pics

This was my first race ever back in 2010. I have no idea what my time- I didn’t even think to look!
This is after running my first half marathon! I didn’t train for it at all ( not very logical). It was a lot of fun!
After the Cville 10 miler!
This is my best friend and almost husband! He is the most amazing man!
A few of my favorite engagement pictures ( well I love them all but I won’t put them all on here). My awesome sister-in-law is a professional photographer so Brian and I lucked out! Check her out at
He is a STUD!
My little sisters! ( i’m actually the shortest I think) I’m definitely wearing heels in this picture!
This is part of my family and part of my NEW family! ( There are quite a few family members missing from this picture)
My Daddy :)
My momma 
My brother and his family!
My niece ( She is a wild thing! so precious)
Just a little bit about me through some pictures!