Happy Sunday!

I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend!

I had a very calm weekend. I spent a lot of time with my brother’s family and doing work. Yesterday’s ten-mile run got me really excited for my race next week! My body felt prepared for the race minus the head cold but I’m sure that will be gone by next week. I did have a little bit of pain in my left hip but nothing serious. Today I am going to try to get out for a 5-mile run! The weather has been so weird lately going from hot to cold. It is messing me up!

I spent yesterday helping my sister-in-law with some crafts and babysat my nieces when she left for work. I am not usually one who enjoys crafting but I had a lot of fun yesterday! I learned some new stuff and can see crafting in my future. I think I wasn’t fond of it because I never actually put the time into learning how to get better at it…imagine that.

So many supplies… I love going to Michaels! It brings out my creative side

Baby Liv was really enjoying this craft day! She is so sweet!

I am extremely concentrated on folding that card stock correctly. It isn’t as easy as it looks!

This weekend was definitely not a healthy weekend, to say the least. Both Friday and Saturday I had Chick Fil A for lunch… guilty pleasure. It is SO good! I don’t know why she looks so sad in this picture… this place rocks!

She cheered up later when we bonded over cupcake making! Guilty pleasure number 2….

It was a great weekend. I am definitely going to miss my brother and his family when I leave. The past 3 years have been great living in the same town. It went by so fast! I can’t believe I’m moving away! I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with them!

ONE WEEK until the Nike Women’s Half Marathon AND I get to see my fiance’, Brian!!! It has been 7 weeks since we have seen each other! It’s going to be a great weekend!