Today’s Workout:

Ran on TM: 6 miles/ 55 min- recovery pace


Russian Twist/sit up Ladder  1-20

Basically what you do is you do 2 russian twists followed by 2 sit ups all the way up to 2o and all the way back down. No rest in between. You are going to feel the burn but that is the whole point!

so it would look like this:

2 russian twists, 2 sit ups

4 russian twist, 4 sit ups

6 russian twists, 6 sit ups

and on and on….!!!!

This weekend I am running the Charlottesville Half Marathon. The race starts at 6:30 AM…. whattttttt! And… it is pretty much an uphill run. Being that I am from the beach this sounds extremely hard for me. I already don’t like the sound of this. I have 13.1 miles to run. Sounds easy enough. I think that it is finally time that I start learning how to plan ahead in my race. Usually, I just go out and run- no plan at all. HORRIBLE mistake. My biggest problem when it comes to running races in the beginning. I ALWAYS go out the way too fast and get slower at the end of the race. I don’t really have a pre-race ritual either. I usually just jog and stretch but I don’t think that is enough. I am going to try something different this weekend to loosen up better.

My coach always tells me that anyone can run a really fast first mile but it is the last half of the race where I need to start racing. He is pretty nervous that I am going to start out way to fast…I am too.

That is my goal for this race- start out slower in the beginning and progressively pick up the pace. I am not trying to PR this race or get hurt running way too fast. I want to save that so  I can go all out in the Nike Women’s Half on April 28th! (not the getting hurt part). This is easier said than done though. I am extremely competitive- especially with myself. Who doesn’t want to get better, right? I’m learning when to push it and when to hold back a little bit. It definitely takes practice. Even with my easy pace runs, I want to go faster but I am gradually learning how important it is to actually take those runs easy and on the days where the runs are hard to really push it. I have SO much to learn in terms of running and training and myself. It excites me to know how much progress I can make if I invest in this!

I am excited about this weekends half- marathon because I love the racing environment and because it is going to be huge for me in terms of learning about myself with warming up, racing, pacing, and much more! I am approaching it as a training race but that doesn’t really change much!

Moving away from running now… things are getting EXTREMELY busy and overwhelming with moving, figuring out all of the military paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and finishing the wedding planning. Less than two months until Brian and I get married! We were talking about our plan of action for after the wedding and honeymoon and WOAH- it is going to be hectic. We will pretty much be driving up and down the east coast for the month of June. This is actually kind of exciting because I will be traveling with my HUSBAND the whole time! We have a lot to look forward to this summer!

Sugar Detox challenge is going well- except for this constant craving for a warm chocolate chip cookie!!!

Last night I went to bed and all I could think about what eating breakfast. It was pretty yummy! ( another goal- work on my food photography…)!!!

What does your pre-race warm up look like?

Do you plan out your races?