Today’s Workouts:

Ran on TM: 10 miles

Brian returned on Wednesday night and I feel like we have been completely busy! Bri is not a procrastinator at all and I am a HUGE procrastinator…. so the to-do list that I would have waited to the last minute to do got done in two days and I am EXHAUSTED!

Wednesday night Brian and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings- This is significant for two reasons: 1) because we ate there for lunch the day we got engaged and 2.) That day was also the first time I ate meat after being vegetarian for almost two years ( not sure why I Bdubs was my first choice for that but it is a great memory).

Okay so… I planned private dance lessons for Bri and I as a surprise and it was a SUCCESS! It was so hard for me not to tell him where we were going but I am glad I did. We had so much fun! Neither of us has ever taken dance lessons before so we had to start from the beginning but our instructor was amazing!!! Brian said that the dance lessons have been one of his favorite parts of the wedding planning so far so I feel pretty good about it!

The only way that I could think to get Brian to wear the right shoes without spoiling the surprise was to tell him we had to be dressed up for our date!

After dance lessons, we went to a restaurant on the boardwalk called Catch 31. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was such a perfect day! I wish we had more free time to actually spend on the beach but it seems like little things just keep coming up that keep us busy.

I love living near the beach!

We sat right on the boardwalk and pretty much people watched during our entire lunch!

I got a turkey and veggie panini and sweet potato fries

Brian got a cajun chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries… and a random fried pickle.

We have had such a great time the past few days even though it has been full of last-minute wedding planning and chaos!

I hope everyone has an amazing and relaxing weekend!

Sweet potato fries or regular fries?

What are your plans for this weekend?!