Today’s Workout:

Ran Outside/ 4 miles

Today was the first day of marathon training for me. My coach set me up with a lower mileage week to start out so that I can acclimate to the heat of Georgia. I am so thankful for this because today’s run was HOT! I am excited to see how the rest of the week goes with this weather and I’m hoping that sooner than later I will get acclimated. I will keep you updated on training!

I don’t have internet right now because we just moved in and it hasn’t been set up so this might not be to long but more of a quick update! There is so much going on right now- moving being the biggest one! Honestly, Brian and I are having so much fun unpacking everything in our first home together! I am not one to decorate but wow is this fun! I have been on Pottery Barn website on my phone all day long! We bought a couch today… as a married couple!!!! Also- we have created a new tradition for our family. Pizza on the floor the first night in our new house! ( we have no furniture yet because the movers aren’t here still).

This past week we have been all over! We went to my  little sisters high school graduation and the whole family was there. Such a sweet blessing!

Right after graduation we got in the car and drove to Nashville to see two of our great friends get married! ( I don’t have any of there wedding pics 



And now we are here…  living life together! The Lord has been so faithful in these first two weeks of being married- I am so thankful and blessed to have such an amazing husband!!

Have a wonderful Monday!