I was so excited when Heather at FitnCookies and Becky at TheSavedRunner notified me that they had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! It is such a blessing to have such great blogger friends! 

Here’s How it Works!

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7 Things About Me: 

1.) I studied Psychology for my undergraduate degree and I plan on starting my Masters in Public Health and Nutrition in the fall but I have no idea what I want to do with it… :(

2.) I am the shortest person in my immediate family- my younger sisters are taller than me! I usually just wear high heels to make up for it :)

3.) I love big families. I want to have 5 0r 6 kids but I know it is in the Lords hands! I am trusting in His plan and timing!

4.) I am constantly freaking out about what I eat and how much I weigh. It is not my favorite quality but I am working through it. I always have a mini mental breakdown when I eat unhealthy and I don’t even want to think about getting on a scale. I think  this is something that I have struggled with for a while. It is so crazy because I know that the Lord created me in His image and that the number on the scale shouldn’t matter but it still consumes me a lot. Working on it though!

5.) I LOVE drinking coffee. I went to Starbucks almost everyday in the month of April. I’m pretty sure I have a hole in my wallet now… I think this habit needs to stop ASAP! ( im sitting at Starbucks as I right this…)

6.) I love fashion. I think it is so fun creating different outfits and wearing stylish high heels! I haven’t fully conquered the jewelry aspect of it but that is next!

7.) I am so nervous about decorating mine and Brian’s new apartment. I have never been good at that and it seems so intimidating! Interior design is not my specialty!


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