Today’s Workout: 

on TM: 5 miles easy pace

1-8 ladder push ups ( total of 72)

Abs 4 rounds

  • 1 min plank
  • 25×4 flutter kicks
  • 15 crunches/ 6 in. holds
  • 25 Russian twists w/ 8 lb med. ball

 If someone would have told me that I would ever enjoy doing hour + runs and signing up for races every chance I got I would have thought that they were insane. It is so crazy how things have changed!!

Here is a little bit of history before I became a “runner”.In middle school, I ran track for 2 years but I wouldn’t really consider that a part of my running story. A few years later-  I ran my first race at the beginning of my freshman year of college ( a 10k) and didn’t think much of it. The race as a whole was a lot of fun but I didn’t think it would turn into something I love. I played college softball during my freshman year of college and gained close to 17 lbs from a combination of weight lifting ( which explains why I despise it now)  and poor eating habits ( I’m talking McDonald’s, ramen noodles, and cookies). I have always been athletic and in good shape for the most part and I think I thought that it would last without me putting forth effort- this was a huge eye-opener for me.

*Senior Year of High School

*Freshman Year of College

I started running more consistently in my sophomore year of college because I had a HUGE fear of gaining more weight. I didn’t love running at that point. I only ran because I knew it was my best chance of getting healthy. Not only was I working out more I was on this crazy vegetarian/ no-carb diet. I don’t even know how I survived eating pretty much nothing. After a sophomore year of college I ended the crazy strict diet I was on and started learning how to portion myself with healthier foods. My love for working out continued to grow and it became less about weight and more about health. I began to really start paying attention to what I was eating and  I started to incorporate meat back into my diet. I started out slowly just eating fish and chicken. That lasted for a while. Later, I decided that I wanted to start eating paleo style mostly because I had already cut out most of the same stuff in my current eating habits and because Brian was getting worried that I wouldn’t cook any red meat for him when we got married ( kidding… kind of 


 ) I recently started adding more red meat into my diet! it is very exciting! Health and nutrition just really interest me. That is why this fall I will begin pursuing a Masters in Public Health and Nutrition. I am so excited about this!

Once I stopped playing softball I knew that I needed something to keep me active and going. I had already been running more and more and starting to really take a liking to it. I started adding more miles and craving the next run I would go on. Brian ( who was with me through pretty much all of this) encouraged me to learn more about running and pushed me to be better! I listened to him and I started running every chance I could and reading blogs on running all of the time!   My love for running has grown so much and  I am so thankful for that! It has become something that I can challenge myself with, push myself to get better, and spread my love for Christ through!

This  past year:

  • I ran my first half marathon in 2012
  • I got a running coach
  • I started a blog

Coming up: 

  • I am running two half marathons in April
  • I am registered for TWO marathons

…and I’m sure there is much more to come! The Lord has taught me so much throughout this journey of health and running. In the end, it doesn’t come down to running but to glorifying Him through my running and I think that is what fuels me the most through all of this!

 Some randomness from me:

Yesterday I did hot yoga for the second time! It is showing me my drastic lack of balance! and I wore my hair in a bun!

Also- I finished reading God Strong by Sara Horn. Book review coming soon!

Why do you run

How did you start running?