Today’s Workout:

At the track:

  • 1 mile warm up
  • 2 x mile repeats @ 8:00 min pace
  • 4x 200′s with 2 min jog between each
  • 1 mile cool down

The race is 6 days away!

Time is really flying by. It seems like just yesterday that I decided I would run the Nike Women’s Half marathon. I remember sitting at my desk and telling Brian that I wanted to run more races. I love racing- not racing other people necessarily but racing myself and working to improve each time. That night I signed up for the Charlottesville Half Marathon ( which I ran a few weeks ago) and the NWH marathon. That day I also decided that I would get a running coach to train me. That was probably one of the smartest running decisions I have made in a while. It has been so great having someone who knows WAY more about running and can teach me!

Training for the NWH started back in March. After sitting down with my coach and discussing previous races, I decided that I wanted to aim for a sub 1:55. My training has been centered around that for recovery runs, tempo runs, speed work, etc. I have seen progress already and I think it a lot if it is coming from the speed work. Before this training began I had never done a speed session. I actually never thought it was necessary or could make a difference but I was definitely wrong. The speed work not only pushes me to get faster but it shows me something in myself that I have never seen before. I am strong. A lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I’m not talking about weight lifting strong but mentally strong. My ability to push myself to the limit has been tested in these workouts more than ever before. It is so rewarding. My desire to get better and work harder stems from seeing the results of training through these workouts.

The long run for this half marathon training has been a struggle for me. Not the distance of the runs but hitting certain paces for a long period of time. Most of my long runs have been something like ” run 8 miles easy and 4 miles tempo” or some sort of progression run. I haven’t been hitting my times as well as I would like. It was discouraging in the beginning but it has been a learning experience more and more each time. I can’t change this now- the race is Sunday. All I can do is learn from this long run experience and work at it for my next race.

Another part of training that I think I could have done a little bit better with is my strength training. It was almost absent from this training. I only spent like 30 minutes a week working on strength. I think this summer I will have Brian teach me a few things. He is good at this part.

Overall, I think this training has been good. I have learned so much about my body and my running ability. I have learned how to push myself not only physically but mentally. I have seen my body go farther than I ever thought possible and it has been so great. I have talked this race up so much and I have told you all my goals for this race. Part of me feels like ‘ o great… what if I fail and now everyone knows about it’… but that is part of this training thing. If I fail, it is okay. I get back up and try again. I work harder and I embrace it.

I think that I am particularly excited about this race because Brian is going to be there to cheer me on. He ran my first half marathon with me and gave me the support that I needed when I thought it was never possible. It seems like that was so long ago. Running has become a daily topic of conversation for us mostly because of me. I am so thankful for his support in my running and blogging and I am so excited that he is able to come to my race and be apart of what I love!

I am so excited to put my training to the test. I am ready to give it all that I have and to get better. This training experience  has gotten me so excited to start marathon training in June!

If you are running the Nike Women’s Half in D.C. this weekend let me know and maybe we can meet up!! 

Are you training for a race right now? How is it going?!