Today’s Workout:

Ran on TM: 5 miles.

Abs:4 rounds

25 x2 bicycle crunch
25 crunches
25x straight leg crunch
25×2 flutter kick
1 min. plank

I know, I know- I talk about my wedding all of the time but  I’M 18 DAYS AWAY!!!

That being said, I almost did with all of the decorations and planning for the big day. I have one major thing left to do and the rest are just little errands that need to be done. I can’t even express how happy I am to be done planning my wedding. It was hard! It is the biggest thing I have ever planned before and it took a lot of time and money… but I am happy with how everything has turned out so far! What an adventure!

My sister and I worked on the seating chart for a while and at the end of it I think I just started putting people at random tables to be done with it!

This may or may not be a fake smile…

I am loving the way that Pottery Barn wraps their presents… it’s like they knew I had a vintage themed wedding… I might have to use that key if I run out. receiving wedding gifts in the mail is so fun!

This is today’s task: write all of the name tags and table assignments then attach them to their vintage key! I am nervous about this because my hands shake when I write… I hope it turns out alright.

Aren’t these so cute!!!!

I am so thankful for all of the help I have received throughout the wedding planning! I am also thankful that you all put up with me talking about my wedding all of the time! I am overly excited about it today if you couldn’t tell!!! I think it is getting more and more real to me and I am filled with joy!!!!

Another thing that I am ecstatic about….Guess who I get to see tomorrow!?!?!?!

Yup- this guy!

Any other June weddings?

were you a DIY wedding planner or did you buy a lot of your decor?