Today’s Workout:

Ran Outside: 4 miles

I woke up this morning so cold. I guess I just thought it was a brilliant idea to go running outside in a sweatshirt. I’ve actually never run in a sweatshirt before but I was SO cold. About 5 minutes into my run I completely regretted that decision. At least I learned something new- don’t run in a sweatshirt!

I feel like lately the smallest things have been making me happy. Happiness is a choice  so why not choose to be happy!

Sitting at Starbucks doing work for hours at a time Makes me happy.

Visiting my wedding venue with  Brian makes me happy! Especially since we don’t get that much together right now.

Cool Lime Refreshers from Starbucks make me happy! 

Running on trails makes me SUPER happy lately!

This smiling baby warms my heart and makes me happy!

Track workouts surprisingly make me happy lately!

Reading this book makes me happy and is teaching me SO MUCH! You should definitely read it!

Thinking about how loved I felt at my bridal shower makes me happy!

Running always makes me happy!

Knowing that my wedding is 39 days away MAKES ME HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! ( this pic is from taste testing for our wedding!)

This man makes me happy! 

I could probably keep on going because I am in such a great mood right now!!! It is a beautiful day, I am saved by the grace of God, I ran this morning, I drank my coffee, I talked to Brian! Life is way too short to worry about the little things. Embrace where you are right now, love everyone, be thankful for the blessings in your life!

I love you all!!!

What makes you happy lately!?